Ticket Delivery

Mobile Ticket Delivery Information

TicketForce Mobile Tickets offers you convenience and improved access at selected events with tickets sent direct to your mobile phone. You'll be able to purchase tickets from either TicketForce's Web Site, Mobile Site or Call Center and have them sent directly to your mobile phone.

You also have the option of sending every person in your booking their own individual ticket via SMS. Alternatively, you may wish to receive all TicketForce Mobile Tickets on your mobile phone and either forward them to your friends yourself or keep all tickets on your phone and arrive together with your friends.

Helpful tips when arriving at the event:

  • If you selected to have all tickets sent to your mobile phone, make sure these have been forwarded on to everyone in your booking
  • Before arriving at the event open your TicketForce SMS message
  • Once your message has been opened, click on the link to reveal your TicketForce Mobile Ticket in preparation for scanning
  • Ensure the back-light on your mobile phone is turned up to aid the speed of scanning your TicketForce Mobile Ticket (see the manufacturer's manual for instructions.)
  • At venues using turnstiles, scan your TicketForce Mobile Ticket by placing your mobile phone with barcode displaying under the turnstile scanner.
  • Where hand held scanners are used, simply present the Mobile Ticket to the customer service representative for scanning.
View full TicketForce Mobile Ticket FAQs.

Paper Ticket Delivery Information

TicketForce will only mail tickets to the residential address of the credit/debit card holder, via US Mail.

Collection Information

As part of the Terms And Conditions, the only person authorised to purchase tickets is the credit/debit card holder. Tickets will not be issued to persons other than the credit/debit card holder. You are required to present your credit/debit card and photo I.D. to collect tickets.

Print@Home E-Ticket Information

Print@Home E-Ticket is a PDF ticket and is currently available for selected events only.

Each E-Ticket PDF attachment represents an individual ticket to the show, with its own unique barcode that must be scanned for entry. If you purchased more than one ticket, make sure you print out and bring along each separate E-Ticket PDF to the event.

A few Apple Mac, iPhone and iPad users and customer have experienced difficulty printing Print@Home E-Ticket, with ticket information being left off or barcodes printing incomplete. Such errors can prevent your E-Ticket from scanning correctly.

To find out how to avoid problems and to learn more about Print@Home E-Ticket View the full Print@Home E-Ticket FAQs.

Don't forget to bring your E-Ticket to the event.

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